07 November, 2006

Throwing Out Some Thoughts

Today i juz recovered from a heavy fever. Haa, alhamdulillah i survived!! Back then when im sick all i can do was lay down. Food, has lost my appitite. Colour, seems so dull. Im tired of sleeping and that is what making me putting things into my blog as for some long terms i didnt even see it. As i lay, my mind slowly getting

reach for my past and present times. M e m o r i e s . Why do we remember what hurt us the most? Why do we remember what please us the most? PENGAJARAN–> that is why. Sebab people making mistakes to get better and stronger by every mistakes that they did. Making mistakes is somehow can make someone glorify. But do everybody learns from mistakes? Do you?

"Angau People" never learns.

From whole out of no reason, they wanted to be MISERABLE if that is the only way for them to be happy. Waited for a long time just to feel the ‘ miserable’. The miserable of having crush. "Kenape tak call lagi ni?", "Dah sampai rumah ke die ni?", "Dah makan ke die", "Sihat ke tak die?". Somehow that is the truth..

And i ask to myself "Do i learn something?"

Maybe someday…