07 November, 2006

Throwing Out Some Thoughts

Today i juz recovered from a heavy fever. Haa, alhamdulillah i survived!! Back then when im sick all i can do was lay down. Food, has lost my appitite. Colour, seems so dull. Im tired of sleeping and that is what making me putting things into my blog as for some long terms i didnt even see it. As i lay, my mind slowly getting

reach for my past and present times. M e m o r i e s . Why do we remember what hurt us the most? Why do we remember what please us the most? PENGAJARAN–> that is why. Sebab people making mistakes to get better and stronger by every mistakes that they did. Making mistakes is somehow can make someone glorify. But do everybody learns from mistakes? Do you?

"Angau People" never learns.

From whole out of no reason, they wanted to be MISERABLE if that is the only way for them to be happy. Waited for a long time just to feel the ‘ miserable’. The miserable of having crush. "Kenape tak call lagi ni?", "Dah sampai rumah ke die ni?", "Dah makan ke die", "Sihat ke tak die?". Somehow that is the truth..

And i ask to myself "Do i learn something?"

Maybe someday…

10 July, 2006

Ever Wonder Why? Nicknames Within Me!

Did you people out there ever wonder what is it the importance of nicknames? Well, to me its kinda important and cool I guess. Theehee. Cuz when there is 4 person with the same name at the same place at the same time, it would be difficult to call them. Take me as example. When I was studying in my ‘proud’ SMK Dato’ Ahmad Razali (Such a long name is it??) if im not mistaken there was 5 person in my batch only that people called Zul. And a person have the exact name like I do. There were 2 "Mohd. Zulfadli Bin Abd. Razak". Same spelling and same surname. So, people end up calling me "SEMOT". And when people talks; "Zul yg mane nih?", "Ala, Zul Semot tu". and it means, me.

In my 20 years (and counting) of living there are some nicknames that I got. So, today I’m telling you histories:


When I was a kid my nose looks like ‘flat’ or in Bahasa is LEPER. My brothers 1st to call me that. I never like it anyway. Ntah pape ntah!!!!

My cousins and Ibu Ngah only called me that. Even my same aged cousins, Nanad and Faiz still call me that.

Many people didnt understand why SEMOT, cuz Semut use to be small or little or somehing in between and I wasnt small or little or something in between. I was big that time. Very, very big. But it wasnt bout the size afterall. I got it when I was in standard 5. While I was studying in Sekolah Kebangsaan Ampang. There’s a day when my English teacher, Teacher Sharifah Maheran (still remember her name though) got angry with me cuz my handwritting was very small. She said "Apelah tulisan kamu ni kecik sgt, kalau semut lalu pun semut tu cakap die lagi besar". That day she called me Mr. Semut. And to make it interesting, my schoolmates changed it from SEMUT became SEMOT. Bile huruf ‘O’ nampak sikit kebesaran saiz si tuannye. That name sticks untill now.

I was studying in Polytechnic. During my class in the 1st semester, my lecturer said to me "Mule-mule tengok kamu ni macam Jalalluddin Hassan, tengok kali kedua macam Shinchan pulak". Nah, amek…Classmates were laughing out loud even they didnt know me at that time.

Since I was the 3rd son, it make sense. Nampak keMelayuan sikit. Even my seguru in Gayong called me Alang. This one, I think its kinda sweet and inperson. Hak hak hak…

And that is all bout my nicknames. I really wanted to share dis so, I post it. Hope you all now know my nickname’s origin and why they called me that. Till next time…

29 April, 2006

I Witnessed

Today is not an ordinary day for me. Just when u thought that u are ready,infact that ur not. I went to hospital klang today. Visiting my schoolmate. He had an accident and been lying on the bed since Wednesday. He had a concussion and coma.

Today I witnessed… someone died. His name is Fariz my Sekolah Teknik’s mate. I didn’t have any special relation though but I’m shocked that someone that I knew, someone that I saw… gone.

Me, Asip, Bai, Rino, Chaer, and others mate, looking there. Tears was streaming, crying was heard and all the relatives sorrowed. I learned many things from that moment. When I see into their eyes, I saw sadness, I saw hatred, and I saw "LOVE". Love of a lover, love of a friend, most importantly… love of a mother.

Guys, friends… please. I beg u all. Dont drive carelessly. Someone will hurt if anything happens to u.

05 February, 2006

48 Hours Before End of Holiday


it was d last time me, nedoc n ayda get together before we all go back to where we called it..’reality’. ahaha..scent of laughter still ringing in my ear. it was a gud time yahh.

i didnt take my shower yet by d time ned sms me ajak lepak kat ‘RESTORAN HIDAYAH". hmm. i assume dat time was 4.20 pm n i still didnt take my shower. kambeng pon mati klu bau. ahahah…

i picked up ayda n we both went to hidayah. ned da tunnggu lame kat situ. ahahah..sowee dear. we were late cuz im takin my shower 1st. [pehal asyik citer shower je nie???].

dat time ayda saket tekak. she even speak with weird voice. klaka gile sore ko. eheh. but ayda sabar je. on n on..we talk n we laugh. da mcm org giler. org gile pon x camtu.

nedoc pon laksanakan ‘manual blog’ die. we didnt notice dat we had been talking bout 3 hours non-stop until mak ned tepon. ahahahaha..

we actually have our own role in d group. juz in our group laa..

ned = momy…zul = abah…ayda = daughter…

tah ape kejadah tah..but its kinda sweet.. hurmm~~~~

last wednesday we went to d movie..tgk ‘buli balik’.best giler. afdlin, we salute u. 8 of us –>me,asip,ayda,ned,kak ina,sam,cengki,fadli. so meriah gak laa. kak ina asyik gelak je. ned asyik tenganga. me, being ayda’s ‘kaunter pertanyaan’ cuz she didnt watch d 1st ‘buli’.

nway..we spent too much gak ahh but…

ticket = RM11

meal = RM6

parking = RM10

petrol = RM15

dat moment = RMpriceless

hmm..guys, after semester break it’ll be hard to see each other agi rite. cant wait for d day meetin u guys again. i’ll pray for it n i also pray dat korunk blanje aku nanti..ahahkx..