05 February, 2006

48 Hours Before End of Holiday


it was d last time me, nedoc n ayda get together before we all go back to where we called it..’reality’. ahaha..scent of laughter still ringing in my ear. it was a gud time yahh.

i didnt take my shower yet by d time ned sms me ajak lepak kat ‘RESTORAN HIDAYAH". hmm. i assume dat time was 4.20 pm n i still didnt take my shower. kambeng pon mati klu bau. ahahah…

i picked up ayda n we both went to hidayah. ned da tunnggu lame kat situ. ahahah..sowee dear. we were late cuz im takin my shower 1st. [pehal asyik citer shower je nie???].

dat time ayda saket tekak. she even speak with weird voice. klaka gile sore ko. eheh. but ayda sabar je. on n on..we talk n we laugh. da mcm org giler. org gile pon x camtu.

nedoc pon laksanakan ‘manual blog’ die. we didnt notice dat we had been talking bout 3 hours non-stop until mak ned tepon. ahahahaha..

we actually have our own role in d group. juz in our group laa..

ned = momy…zul = abah…ayda = daughter…

tah ape kejadah tah..but its kinda sweet.. hurmm~~~~

last wednesday we went to d movie..tgk ‘buli balik’.best giler. afdlin, we salute u. 8 of us –>me,asip,ayda,ned,kak ina,sam,cengki,fadli. so meriah gak laa. kak ina asyik gelak je. ned asyik tenganga. me, being ayda’s ‘kaunter pertanyaan’ cuz she didnt watch d 1st ‘buli’.

nway..we spent too much gak ahh but…

ticket = RM11

meal = RM6

parking = RM10

petrol = RM15

dat moment = RMpriceless

hmm..guys, after semester break it’ll be hard to see each other agi rite. cant wait for d day meetin u guys again. i’ll pray for it n i also pray dat korunk blanje aku nanti..ahahkx..

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