29 April, 2006

I Witnessed

Today is not an ordinary day for me. Just when u thought that u are ready,infact that ur not. I went to hospital klang today. Visiting my schoolmate. He had an accident and been lying on the bed since Wednesday. He had a concussion and coma.

Today I witnessed… someone died. His name is Fariz my Sekolah Teknik’s mate. I didn’t have any special relation though but I’m shocked that someone that I knew, someone that I saw… gone.

Me, Asip, Bai, Rino, Chaer, and others mate, looking there. Tears was streaming, crying was heard and all the relatives sorrowed. I learned many things from that moment. When I see into their eyes, I saw sadness, I saw hatred, and I saw "LOVE". Love of a lover, love of a friend, most importantly… love of a mother.

Guys, friends… please. I beg u all. Dont drive carelessly. Someone will hurt if anything happens to u.

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