16 January, 2007

When Someone You Trust, Stab You!

This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 at 7:01 am

Frustration. Thats what I felt that time. Sampai hati!!
How would you feel when it comes to you?. Every day you hang out, play, laugh, even spent your money together with your only best buds at the time. And one day, they stab you from the back. Even at that time you were holding a rifle or gun, they just stab you and you were too crush in unbelieveable untill you couldnt shoot back. Padahal boleh je tembak die balik. Tapi tak sanggup. How dare you. Where is that moment that you said that you would protect me??Where is it?!!
Hisssshhhh~!!!! Lain kali aku tak nak main game Counterstrike lagi dgn ko Aiman. Ko tikam aku pakai pisau! Pastu team ko menang lak tu. Kejam nye ko!!. Friends… When you play Counterstrike, just kill your friends. Jangan belas kasihan. Didnt work!!.

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