17 January, 2007

Me VS Snore. Bring it on!

Earthquake? No.
Storm? No.
M’sia at war? No.
Along’s snore? Definitely!!!.

My cousins came overnight so I have to sleep with my bro. I was getting sleepy and nearly sailed away with my dreams when "it" comes and wrecked my boat!!!

Ahaaaaaaaa!!!! Along berdengkuran. Adus! Thats where it started…

1st trial.
I wake him, and I said "Woi, elok-elok ahh tido tu". At first ok je. Then, same thing happen when I was very, very nearly slept.

2nd trial.
I kicked his leg and when he woke up, I was pretending sleeping. So, he thought I was dreaming or something. Ahh… What a bliss at that time. But then, it started again…

3rd trial.
I wake him, and ask him to drink some water (Main buat-buat je, mane la tau jadi lak). Seriously he stops snores. I was glad and got slept.. NOT FOR LONG!!
And again he snore.

4th trial.
Never had the 4th trial because I was tooooooo frustrated. I pick my pillow and sleep on the couch!

Truth is, you can never stop a fenomena called SNORE.
The End.

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